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Student Wellbeing

Welcome to the University of Cambridge’s Student Wellbeing pages. 

We recognise that flourishing at university is determined as much by your wellbeing as it is by your academic ability: if you feel healthy and content within yourself and your environment, then you are far more likely to perform to the best of your academic ability.

We hope these webpages encourage you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, empower you to seek help when you need it, and support you to develop skills that will equip you not only for university, but for life more generally.

We welcome feedback on these pages; please send us an email if you have any ideas for improvement. 

Please note that whilst every care is taken to signpost to legitimate and helpful sources of information and advice from this website, the University of Cambridge is not responsible for the content of external webpages linked from these pages.

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Read more at: Your wellbeing

Your wellbeing

Research suggests that there are a core group of actions we can proactively adopt to improve our levels of wellbeing and mental health. Some of the sections below are taken from “Five ways to wellbeing” which is an evidence-based study in this area, originally published by the New Economics Foundation in 2008. As part of...

Read more at: Personal safety and travel

Personal safety and travel

Whilst Cambridge is a relatively safe city, it always pays to take proactive steps to keep yourself safe. These pages contain helpful information about safety and travel.

Read more at: College pastoral support

College pastoral support

The vast majority of courses at Cambridge will require you to be a member of a Cambridge College. Your College is responsible for your pastoral (aka tutorial) support, regardless of whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student. Pastoral support for students is an essential component of collegiate life. It is...

Read more at: University and other support

University and other support

Beyond the pastoral support you will receive from your College, there are several other welfare-related services within the University that students can access.

Read more at: The NHS and healthcare

The NHS and healthcare

The National Health Service (NHS ) provides healthcare in the UK. This section explains the various ways in which you can access medical care in Cambridge when you need it.

Read more at: Support for particular issues

Support for particular issues

Whilst there are lots of things we can do to proactively look after our health and build our resilience, there may be times when aspects of our wellbeing suffer to such an extent that it impinges on our day-to-day living and happiness. Where issues persist without improvement or a change in circumstances has a significant...

Read more at: Concern for others

Concern for others

If you’re worried about someone struggling to cope, it's important to remember that your job isn't to advise them or to find a solution to their problem; often just having someone to talk to is enough. Experts recommend finding ways to empathise rather than just sympathising. Empathy involves recognising how a person is...

Read more at: Equality, diversity and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion

The University of Cambridge is committed in its pursuit of academic excellence to equality of opportunity and to a proactive and inclusive approach to equality, which supports and encourages all under-represented groups, promotes an inclusive culture, and values diversity. These pages will give you some information about...

Read more at: Information for parents of undergraduates

Information for parents of undergraduates

Starting university is a significant point in a student’s life and we understand that you will want to help your child settle in to life at Cambridge as quickly as possible. Students' reactions to starting university can vary significantly with some adapting very quickly and others taking a bit longer to find their feet...