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Student Wellbeing


The University of Cambridge is committed in its pursuit of academic excellence to equality of opportunity and to a proactive and inclusive approach to equality, which supports and encourages all under-represented groups, promotes an inclusive culture, and values diversity. These pages will give you some information about our commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as links to some relevant policies.

Here are some facts about Cambridge University’s student body taken from the University’s 2015/16 Equality and Diversity Information Report:

  • 20% of all undergraduate students who accepted a place at Cambridge in 2015 were from a BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) background
  • In 2015/16, 25.3% of undergraduate students, 36.9% of taught postgraduates and 38.7% of research postgraduates were from BME backgrounds
  • The number of our students disclosing a disability is rising each year and 2152 students accessed support for a disability during their studies in 2015/16
  • Around one in twenty offers accepted in 2015/16 were from students with a disability
  • 14% of our undergraduate students were over the age of 19 at time of admission and 9% of postgraduate students were over 35 when they started here
  • UK state sector admissions at Cambridge are at their highest in 30 years
  • Our induction includes cultural diversity training for students and our University staff induction contains an online session on equality and diversity

The University is developing policies for students in many areas relating to equality (more information).

The University’s Equality and Diversity Standing Committee has responsibility for informing and directing policy developments to support equality and diversity across the University.

The Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning provides training and support for staff working with disabled students and encourages inclusive learning.

Cambridge SU also host a variety of support networks and information for all students.  Below are some links that you may find useful.

Disabled students

Our Disability Resource Centre provides support and information for disabled students and staff .  Their site includes information about their team, how to disclose a disability, details of what kinds of support are available, and information about funding support.  

Cambridge SU also runs a disabled students’ campaign with information about support and resources. 

The Code of Practice for Disabled Students can be found here.

Students who identify as LGBT+

The SU provides a network of support for students who identify as LGBT+ via its LGBT+ Campaign

You can also visit Switchboard, the LGBT+ confidential helpline if you would like to talk about issues affecting you in this area.  

Students from BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) backgrounds

The University became a member of the Race Equality Charter (REC) in September 2016 and is preparing to apply for a REC Bronze award in July 2018.

The SU host a network of support for BME students via its BME campaign.

The Black Advisory Hub was launched in May 2021 and provides academic, career, financial and welfare support to students and staff. 

Women and gender equality

The University is committed to progressing gender equality for both students and staff. We were a founder member of Athena SWAN Charter and won our first award in the inaugural round of March 2006. Since then, the University has successfully renewed its Bronze Athena SWAN award in 2009 and 2012 and in 2014 achieved a Silver Athena SWAN award.

The University also tracks and monitors student admission, numbers and achievements by gender as part of its commitment to equality and diversity. 

The Student Union provides information about Women’s representation throughout the University via its Women's campaign

Student Parents

The University Childcare Office can help with advice about nurseries, support for parents, holiday clubs and local schools, and government financial support. 

The University has a helpful guide about parental (maternity and paternity) leave and outlines the process for taking a break from your studies if you or your partner are pregnant or adopting. Speak to your College Tutor for more information.

Our Student Advice Service can also offer free, confidential and impartial support to all our students.

Students with caring responsibilities

The University is keen to support those with caring responsibilities (for example for parents or family members).  It is currently surveying staff to find out more about this group’s needs.  If you are a student with caring responsibilities, then please contact your Tutor or Senior Tutor as soon as possible to discuss this.

Care leavers

The University welcomes applications from care leavers and hosts care leavers’ and children in care events as part of its Realise project.  Information about support with finances and accommodation as well as for other areas can be found here, and events for care leavers are detailed here.

Faith provision

Deans and Chaplains

A lot of Colleges have a Chaplain or Dean. Find out more 

Faith societies and communities at the University of Cambridge

See also

Multi-faith facilities available to Cambridge students

There is a policy statement on the use of University rooms and facilities for worship, celebration and meditation available here:  

Religion-specific places of worship in and around Cambridge:


·         Cambridge Buddhist Society

·         Cambridge Buddhist Centre

·         Cambridge University Buddhist Society

·         The Buddhist Page Cambridge/UK



·         Christ Church

·         Christ the Redeemer

·         Churchatcastle: The Ascension and neighbouring churches

·         Great St Mary's

·         Holy Trinity

·         Little St Mary's Parish Church

·         The Round Church at St Andrew the Great

·         St Andrew's Church Cherry HInton

·         St Andrew's, Chesterton

·         St Barnabas Church

·         St Benet's

·         St Botolph

·         St Edward

·         St George's Church, Chesterton

·         St James

·         St John the Evangelist

·         St Mark's Church

·         The Parish of St Martin Cambridge

·         St Matthew's

·         St Paul's Church

·         St Philip's and St Stephen's

·         The Church of the Good Shepherd

·         Diocese of Ely


·         Arbury Road Baptist Church (Chesterton and Arbury Area)

·         Cherry Hinton Baptist Church

·         Eden Baptist Church

·         Mill Road Baptist Church

·         St Andrew's Street Baptist Church

·         Zion Baptist Church


·         Blackfriars

·         Fisher House Chaplaincy

·         Our Lady and the English Martyrs

·         St Laurence's Roman Catholic Church

·         St Philip Howard Catholic Church

·         Diocese of East Anglia

Community Churches

·         Calvary Chapel

·         Cambridge Community Church

·         Cambridge Vineyard Church

·         City Church Cambridge

·         City Life Church

·         City of David (rccg)

·         City of Zion (rccg)

·         Faith Life Church

·         King's Church Cambridge

·         Kingsgate Community Church

·         Queen Edith Chapel

·         The Greater Bibleway Church Cambridge

·         Arbury Community Church


·         Cambridge Chinese Church

·         Cambridge Korean Church

·         Cambridge Open Church (Korean)

·         Cambridge Presbyterian Church

·         German Lutheran Church in Cambridge and East Anglia

·         Resurrection Lutheran Church (USA)


·         Castle Street Methodist Church

·         Chesterton Methodist Church

·         Wesley Methodist Church


·         Romanian Orthodox services

·         Russian Orthodox Parish of Ephraim the Syrian

·         St Athanasios Greek Orthodox Parish (for details see Orthodox Society page)

Quakers - Religious Society of Friends

·         Friends Meeting House

·         The central Cambridge meeting house for the Religious Society of Friends

Salvation Army

·         The Salvation Army

United Reformed

·         Emmanuel United Reformed Church

·         St Columba's Church


·         Christadelphian Church

·         Christian Science Church

·         Jehovah Witnesses

·         Cambridge Seventh-Day Adventists

·         The Unitarian Church


·         Cambridge University Hindu Society

·         Indian Cultural Association and Bharat Bhavan

·         Indian Cultural Association.

·         The National Hindu Students Forum


·         Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue

·         Cambridge Traditional Jewish Congregation

·         Cambridge University Jewish Society

·         Chabad House

·         Jewish Cambridge


·         Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque, Cambridge

·         Cambridge University Islamic Society

·         Cambridge Muslim College

·         Cambridge Muslims ONLINE


·         Cambridge Gurdwara

With sincere thanks to Anglia Ruskin University for sharing their list of local places of worship.