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Student Wellbeing



If you drink alcohol, there are some really useful tips to help you stay safe on the Drinkaware website.

See also: moderate alcohol consumption and Support for particular issues: alcohol.


Whilst the best way to minimise risk from drugs is to avoid them completely, there is advice available to help you stay as safe as possible should you decide to use drugs.

See also: Avoid recreational drugs and Support for particular issues: Recreational drugs


Cambridge is generally a pretty safe place but, as with all densely populated urban areas, there are some instances of crime.

Cambridgeshire Police offer useful advice on their website about how to avoid theft when you are out and about.  

Cambridge is known for its cyclists and unfortunately this does mean that sometimes thieves target bicycles.  The police issue helpful advice about using your bike around the city

Please also remember that if you cycle at night or in the dark, you must have lights on your bicycle.  It is illegal to ride a bike without front and back lights and a red rear reflector in the dark. It also makes you safer as you share the busy roads with cars, buses and lorries.  Wearing a cycle helmet is also advised and you can purchase these from one of the many bike shops around Cambridge.

It is also an offence to ride your bicycle when under the influence of alcohol or drugs or run a red light. Minimum penalties are £30. For more road safely tips and advice, please visit:

You can find out more information about cycle routes and how to plan a journey: City centre guidance for Cambridgewhole of the Cambridge area map and UK network of cycling information.

See also Support for particular issues: Crime and Harassment and sexual misconduct.