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Trying to manage your time, study, meals and sleep around examination periods can often cause stress and worry, which is an entirely normal reaction to a busy and intense time.  This is a common problem shared by many people and it's really important that you try to look after yourself as best you can during the exam period to ensure you perform optimally. There are some good ideas to help you learn more effective study habits on the Stress Busting website and the Student Minds website also provides some useful tips.


Setting high standards can be helpful in allowing us to achieve and reach our full potential. However, unrelenting high standards can also lead to perfectionism and problematic levels of stress which are ultimately unsustainable. If you think that perfectionism might be getting in the way of studying effectively:

There are some helpful tips in the UCS self-help leaflet.  

Try the UCS short course on perfectionism versus healthy striving. The group explores effective ways to escape the trap of perfectionism using cognitive behavioural techniques.


Anxiety is a completely normal reaction to significant and/or stressful events in our lives and almost all students will experience some level of anxiety during the exam season. Getting stressed out or anxious at this time of year is usually short lived and most of us bounce back fairly quickly. You can find helpful resources on managing anxiety at the links below:

However, if you are suffering with frequent, intense, and uncontrollable levels of anxiety that hinders your ability to function on a daily basis, we would recommend speaking to a specialist for support (e.g. College Nurse, the Counselling Service or a GP).

See also - Mental health support and UCS