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The University is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, welcoming, inclusive and diverse community which nurtures a healthy environment and culture of mutual respect and consideration, allowing all members to thrive without fear of sexual violence, abuse, coercive behaviours or related misconduct.  The University aims to provide you with a safe environment to live and study and has a zero tolerance approach to harassment and/or sexual misconduct from any member of its community. 

If you have experienced harassment or sexual misconduct and choose to disclose it to the University, please be assured that you will be believed, you will not be judged and you will have the choice of deciding what action, if any, to take.  Remember, what has happened to you is not your fault and you are not to blame. The University has a Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service which provides emotional and practical support to anyone who has been raped, sexually assaulted, or harassed. The service also provides information and advice for students to help make an informed decision.

For more information and advice:

Make an appointment with the University's Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor

Breaking the silence

Student complaints

Counselling self-help

Cambridgeshire Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Cambridge Rape Crisis