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Phone: 01223 332865

Address: Student Services Building, Bene't Street, Cambridge CB2 3PT


It is quite normal to occasionally experience anxiety, low-mood or feelings of not fitting in. Some students are able to resolve these problems or difficulties by talking to friends, family, a Tutor or a member of staff in their College or Faculty/Department. For other students, looking up information about areas of concern and reading self-help materials will be sufficient to overcome any challenges. However, there are times when these solutions are not enough. When difficulties become overwhelming or start to have a serious and negative impact on day-to-day living, seeking professional and specialist support in the form of counselling can be very helpful. The University Counselling Service provides free, specialist mental health interventions through a professionally staffed confidential service to students experiencing psychological distress.

Please be aware that the University Counselling Service is not an emergency service


To access help through the University Counselling Service, you will need to visit the UCS website and complete a self-referral form:

Your form will be read by a Senior Counsellor who will consider what support you need and how urgently you need it. This will then determine what intervention is offered to you.  Interventions take a number of forms, including individual counselling, workshops, focused or longer-term counselling group sessions.

Mental Health Advisors (MHAs)

The Student Counselling Service also has two Mental Health Advisors who provide a range of support to students experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties. Students can only access the MHAs via a referral from College or University staff.

View the UCS policy on confidentiality here

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