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Student wellbeing


Where to go... booklet

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Where to go in College if I need support with...

  • Serious educational or welfare issues? The Senior Tutor is responsible for the provision of educational, pastoral and welfare support to all students within the College
  • Personal circumstances? Tutors and Graduate Tutors provide all-round support, information, advice and guidance to students, including problems with study, finance, illness, friends, family and other personal circumstances
  • Minor illnesses, injuries, mental health concerns and GP referrals? College Nurses provide a variety of health and welfare support including assessment, support and advice for students with minor illnesses, injuries and mental health concerns; they can also refer you to or coordinate support from your GP, if more specialised help or treatment is required
  • Mental health concerns, e.g. depression, anxiety or stress? Some Colleges may provide a College Counsellor or Mental Health Advisor to directly support students experiencing mental health difficulties, in addition to the support provided by the Colleges through the University Counselling Service
  • Matters of faith or religion? The College Chaplain and/or Dean is responsible for providing a pastoral service to members of the College community, including matters of religious and spiritual life; they are available to all students of all faiths and none
  • Practical tutorial, educational and welfare issues? Tutorial Office staff provide administrative support to Senior Tutors and Tutors but also act as a first point of contact to students for a wide range of tutorial, educational and welfare issues
  • An out-of-hours emergency? There is always at least one Porter on site at all times, day or night and every day of the year who can help you with a wide-range of issues out-of-hours, in emergency and help you manage access to all areas of the College
  • General welfare matters or peer support? JCR/MCR Welfare Officers are student representatives elected by the College’s student body as for a year at a time to support the welfare needs of students within the College; LGBT+ and Women’s Officers in Colleges also provide support to students on welfare matters

Where to go in the University if I need support with...

  • Mental health concerns, e.g. depression, anxiety or stress? The University Counselling Service (UCS) provides free, specialist and confidential counselling, available upon referral or self-referral; the UCS also employs Mental Health Advisors (MHAs) to support students experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties
  • A disability? The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) provides confidential and accessible service for prospective and current disabled students and the staff who support them; the Centre develops and implements support programmes for disabled students to ensure equal opportunity, access and attainment
  • Visa or immigration issues? The International Student Office (ISO) provides specialist support and advice to international students, including visa advice, compliance with Home Office Tier 4 sponsor licence requirements; administers the Erasmus+ programmes and manages a small number of international funding awards
  • Complaints, harassment, or sexual misconduct? The Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA) oversees student procedures including complaints, review of exam results, fitness to study, harassment and sexual misconduct, discipline and final appeal stage processes; OSCCA is also the point of contact for the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA), the external ombudsman
  • Career plans, or a job application or interview? The Careers Service provides general careers advice and one-to-one guidance consultations; it coordinates employer presentations, provides free resources on CVs and applications, and delivers an annual programme of events, briefings and skills sessions
  • Family responsibilities? The Childcare Office operates an information service aimed at supporting families of the University community – staff and students
  • Physical fitness or issues within a sport club? The University Sports Centre has a range of fitness and sports equipment and facilities, and serves as a hub for sports clubs and teams across the University, including providing guidance and resources to promote dignity, safety and welfare within sport across the University
  • An administrative problem with my course or funding? The Student Registry provides administrative and operational support with student records, fees, exams, assessment, loans and funding
  • An issue with racism or discrimination? The Equality and Diversity Team (E&D) supports the University in promoting opportunity, an inclusive approach and culture, values and diversity to education, and improving support for under-represented groups
  • The quality of teaching or wellbeing support on my course? The Education Quality and Policy Office (EQPO) is responsible for quality assurance, enhancement of teaching and learning, and policy relating to student health and wellbeing
  • An eating disorder? The Personalised Eating Disorder Service (PEDS) is a local charity partnering with the University to provide Cambridge students with expert specialist support and advice on managing and preventing disordered eating. PEDS works in collaboration with College, University and NHS services to ensure students get the most appropriate support for their needs.

Where to go outside the University if I need support with...

General wellbeing?



Care leavers' experiences?

Caring responsibilities?

Contraception, family planning, sexual health or pregnancy?


Cyberbullying or online abuse?

Disordered eating?

Family difficulties?

Finance or debt?

Gender and LGBT+ issues?

International student issues?

Mental health?

Racism or discrimination?

Sleep or insomnia?

Sexual assault, violence or abuse?

Self-help resources