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Student wellbeing


It can be tempting to spend time living in the past, or looking to the future, but studies have shown that being aware of what is happening right now and living in the present can deliver real benefits in terms of mental wellbeing.

Taking notice of your surroundings and taking time to enjoy both the moment, and your present environment can really help your mental health.

In our busy lives we constantly have our heads full of what are we going to do next or what are we going to become or how well or badly we just did. This means we're often not that aware of what is actually going on around us; what is happening here and now. Mindfulness is a proven approach that we can use to help us to live more in the moment and to practise being more aware, alert and centred.

The practice of mindfulness has been shown to help in lots of ways including improving relaxation, creativity, learning, concentration, sleep, relationships, reducing levels of stress and increasing overall levels of satisfaction.

Visit the Mindfulness at Cam webpage to find out more, register your interest for mindfulness sessions and to access helpful resources

The Mental Health Foundation has produced a booklet on how mindfulness helps us to look after our mental health

Some helpful apps: