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Student wellbeing


Cambridge is a demanding place. The standards and expectations are very high and it can feel intense and overwhelming studying here sometimes. There will inevitably be times that you feel under pressure and will worry about your studies, or about other things such as your finances or relationships. Stress might be caused by major life events or be the result of prolonged heavy workload and demanding everyday responsibilities. And sometimes there is no obvious cause.

Yet, it is worth noting that some stress can be good (McGonigal: The Upside of Stress). Research shows that a moderate level of stress is a positive thing and actually makes us perform better. It makes us more alert and can help us perform in situations such as exams, job interviews or public speaking. Stressful situations can also be invigorating and some people enjoy the excitement that comes with highly stressful pursuits such as extreme sports. In short, we need a bit of stress in our lives sometimes and it’s not always a bad thing.

However, stress is only healthy if it is short-lived. Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to ill health and physical or emotional exhaustion.

As part of the Mentally Healthy Universities programme, Mind have produced a video explaining some practical steps that might help you if you are feeling stressed:

The University Counselling Service offers links to resources you may find helpful in reducing stress and increasing relaxation

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