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If you have had unprotected sex or sexual contact, it’s possible you might have contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Not all STIs have symptoms and so you may not always know you have one.

It’s important to take responsibility for your own health and getting an STI test is one responsible and proactive way you can do this. It ensures you know whether you have an STI, that you can receive treatment quickly if you do, and that you can ensure you prevent the further spread of an STI to others.

Remember that the majority of STIs are treatable and it’s best to get a diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible.  The Lime Tree Clinic on Mill Road is the Sexual Health Clinic in Cambridge. The clinic will treat you for free in complete confidence. Remember that they will have seen everything before hundreds of times and so there is no need to feel embarassed or worried.

You can call to make an appointment or they a run drop contraception and sexual health session on Mondays between 14:00 and 16:00 for under 24s (please note the clinic has limited capacity and appointments are offered on a first come first served basis).

Click here for a free chlamydia testing kit if you are under 25

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